How we can try to become good parents….it’s no mean task.


Being a parent and a mentor to my own children and my students have led me to pen down my thoughts on how one can “TRY to become a good parent”.

1.Read to them….their horizons widen when you do.
2.Display affection….like a hug, a cuddle or two…it makes their day
3.Listen to your children … means the world to them
4.Set rituals like having dinner together , praying at bedtime, share the days experiences etc
5.Give them their space….it’s,good not to know everything
6.Let them make mistakes ….and learn from them.
7.Urge them to keep trying….making mistakes means they are doing just that…encourage them not to give up. Let them realise that you need to work for everything and nothing comes easy in life.
8.Do not preach….they will switch off.
9.Set concrete targets/ goals before them…they learn better that way.
10.Teach them to care. Set examples . They lean best by observation.
11.Do not over parent…..ease them into taking age appropriate tasks
12.Above all set some non negotiables.They will emerge and understand when you say and mean no.
Here’s to bringing up happy children


9 thoughts on “How we can try to become good parents….it’s no mean task.

  1. Deepika Shah

    The points mentioned seem quite valid and will try to implement them in daily practice. Hope it helps me better understand the challenges of parenthood.


  2. sanskrita

    Happy to read your blog; this is so true. These are the simple steps which can help both our children as well as us as parents/teachers. Thank you for putting these thoughts together.


  3. Anjlee

    I like the way the title goes .. “Try” to be good parents..
    It’s very true, a fine balancing act indeed .!! More important nowadays where we not only have nuclear families , but also working parents!


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