Set Goals to win in life


“Half the battle is won if the way towards  achieving something is well defined and structured”

Some simple steps suggested are:

  • Be Specific– think with a great deal of focus and put in points what you goals are!
  • Allow yourself to Measure your achievement ..where have you reached in your journey towards achieving the goal
  • Its all good to dream high and big but you must set goals that are Attainable and Achievable . they must be something that you are capable of reaching
  • What is the Relevance of these goals in your life. Are they important to your existence? Are they relevant to your lifestyle? Will their attainment move you up your planned path?
  • How long have you given to yourself to achieve the goal.Have you set yourself any Time limit ?Also ensure

These are some of the SMART questions that you need to ask yourself before you set targets .Having a concrete plan of action leads to building of self confidence , be it a student or an adult. It is only the scope that changes. the actual way forward is the same for each and every one of us . There are bound to be hurdles in your path. Understanding and accepting them as challenges the first step towards achieving them .

Happy goal setting and achieving !!!!